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Do we have to run?

No. This is a family event and it has been designed to inspire you to get outside and enjoy family time together. You can have a team of all walkers, a mixture of runners and walkers, or if you like you could even ride bikes. A sense of fun and good local knowledge helps.

Do all my teammates need to be in the same place?

No! In fact, we created this challenge with the aim of keeping you connected to those you can't be physically with at this time. You could have 10 team mates all based in different towns, cities, countries or even continents (if you can manage the time difference). We recommend having a WhatsApp or text message group to communicate during the challenge and organise which team mates are looking for which items.

Up to 10 per team you say?

You can have up to 10 people (adults and children) in any one team. This allows for two or more families to play together in different locations. However when out and about please follow the latest government guides on social distancing and group numbers.

Can children join in?

Absolutely! The Secret London Runs Halloween Treasure Hunt has been designed by parents for families with children of all ages.

How does the virtual briefing work?

On the 23rd October, the Friday before your challenge starts, you will be emailed a private link to your own personal Google Sheet with your mission. This is a super easy way to complete your mission on the go, as well as share it with the other members of your team. We'll also send you a link to a video telling you more about the Evil Wizard and how you can stop him.

How do we upload our mission?

We'll email you a link to your Team Sheet. This is in Google Sheets - so all team members will need to have the free Google Sheets app downloaded. We recommend that you nominate a Team Captain, and ask them to create a WhatsApp group, they add your Team Sheet to the Description in the WhatsApp group - so it's easily accessible for all players. During the week, you and your team will take photos of each of the items on the list.
Your team will add their photos to the Team Sheet as you go. When the clock stops, at the end of the week (Sunday 1st November at 7pm) you'll no longer be able to add photos to your sheet, and that's it - it will be automatically saved in our system.

So only the team captain needs to sign up?

Yes - it's £19 per team and only the team captain needs to sign up. We know that things can change (especially in times as uncertain as these), so you don't need commitment from your teammates until the day of the event. As the team captain, you will be responsible for circulating information to the rest of your teammates. So do make sure you have the right contact details for each of them.

What technology/equipment do we need?

Each team member needs a phone with a camera and 4G. We recommend having a WhatsApp group to share pictures and your progress in the Team Sheet. Your Team Sheet will be emailed to you on Friday 23rd October. It's how your team will plan their mission and track progress. Here's an example Team Sheet for you to practice with your team around your homes. Please download the free Google Sheets app on your phone to use it - all team members. Please note that this practice Team Sheet is shared with others - on the day you'll receive one just for your team. If you'd like your own one to practice on, feel free to save a copy or request one from

When do I add our team name?

We'll ask you for this as part of the sign up process - so get thinking! You'll add this to your Team Sheet before submitting.

And I can really play anywhere?

Pretty much - yes!

Can you give some examples of things we might need to find?

This is a Halloween themed treasure hunt so you might be looking for items such as: A black cat
An orange door
The number 13
A spooky looking tree

All surgery patients of Melbourne Eye Specialists will be provided with an information pack that will provide details about the surgery procedure and pre and post-operative instructions. Our theatre bookings department can be contacted on 9417 1055 to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

If I have a cataract will it be removed on the day?

No. We can take measurements for your intraocular lenses and organise a surgery date suitable for you, but the procedure will be scheduled for another date to be performed in hospital.

When will I need to see the doctor again after my surgery?

A post-operative review time will be set relating to your procedure. The review may be the following day, within a week or even in a few weeks. You will be advised after your surgery about your post-operative appointment details.

How long will I need to wear a patch over my eye?

Generally the eye patch can be removed later the same evening or early the next day, however your doctor will advise you of all post-operative eye care.

Can I go home by myself after the surgery?

No, as you will have had an anaesthetic, you will need someone to drive/escort you home.

How long will the surgery take?

We recommend you allow approximately 4-6 hours from the time of your admission till the time you leave the hospital.

Where will my surgery be performed?

Our operative facilities are at St. Vincent’s Private Hospital, an exceptional private hospital and exceptional day surgery facility, V.P.S.C and the Eye & Ear Hospital which is associated with our branch practice.

I also have Glaucoma. Is Cataract surgery safe in this circumstance?

Cataract surgery is generally useful in glaucoma, in fact it can form part of the strategy to controlling the disease. Cataract surgery rarely makes glaucoma worse but it depends on how much control is exerted over the glaucoma before the cataract surgery. Mostly cataract surgery is a good thing for glaucoma and should make the glaucoma a bit easier to control.

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