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At Melbourne Eye Specialists we have a range of exciting equipment and technology. We pride ourselves on giving you the best treatment, and our innovative machines help us provide that for you. 


Ocular Coherence Tomographer – essentially very high-resolution 3D imaging of the Optic Nerve and Retina in the living eye. No radiation and completely safe. Images will be stored indefinitely and can be used to compare to in later years. Excellent for following glaucoma and macular degeneration. We have 2 NIDEK machines which a networked and can be used interchangeably. We have wide field OCT and OCT angiography available.

Visual Fields

We have two of the latest generation Humphrey Visual Field Perimeters. They are networked and the report is stored and analysed in FORUM the analytic database from Zeiss. Both machines can perform the latest SITA Faster program, as well as all older programs. They are equipped with the new liquid lens technology and fully integrated into the Patient Administration system – less time and no errors.


We use an ELLEX Tango laser which is the latest generation of SLT and YAG laser with defocus option and laser vitreolysis option.

Slit Lamps

Slit lamps are ZEISS Goldman type slit lamps with imaging capability. The ZEISS optics are unparalleled and the clinical images that can be seen and recorded are quite stunning.


We have a small operating theatre with a ZEISS operating microscope and tilt back chair. We have a B-Scan for posterior segment examination where the view is impossible. We have on site Macular degeneration medicines, as well as instruments and materials for a range of procedures on the eyes and lids.


We have taken delivery of the first CASIA 2 in ophthalmology in Australia. It has remarkable imaging capacity of the anterior segment (front of the eye) and can map angle closure glaucoma features and measure and map changes to the filtering bleb in glaucoma operations, amongst other things.


Especially useful for in depth analysis of corneal curvature and thickness. It is sued particualry when planning the use of TORIC intraocular lenses which can improve the vision after cataract surgery where there is astigmatism.

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