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Research and Education

Making a better future

Melbourne Eye Specialists is an academic ophthalmology practice. We are partnered with CERA, the University of Melbourne, and the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital. We are involved in clinical trials, basic research, and translational clinical research. This allows us to be at the forefront of care, and give you the best treatment available

Centre for Eye Research Australia

The Centre for Eye Research is giving more people living with eye disease a chance to save their sight.

We conduct eye research with real-life impact; translating to better treatments, earlier diagnosis, health education and disease prevention, and unraveling the causes of eye disease through genetics.

The GONE Project

Despite the advance of technology that assist in the examination of the optic disc and neural fibre layer, optic disc examination remains the primary and the most important skill in early detection of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is sometimes missed because of not seeing the key signs that increase our suspicion

The GONE Project aims to develop a system that will improve our understanding of the deficiencies in the current teaching of optic disc examination

The GONE Project also aims to understand the types of discs that are particularly difficult for clinicians to interpret. is a website to learn about glaucoma as a disease, how it is cared for and what research is currently going on.

It has been set up by doctors of The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Glaucoma Clinic and the Centre for Eye Research Australia, but it is not necessarily restricted to these people.

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